release time:2022-08-29
Melody Mao

Senior Consultant

2019 - 2021

I am very grateful that throughout my time at Gao Feng, I have had the chance to work on my consulting toolbox, particularly how to logically breakdown complex problems.


Gao Feng has also given me the unique opportunity to explore different industries, business models and innovations in China through cross-sector projects has helped shape my perception of the world to be more diverse and multidimensional.

Jackie Tang

Senior Consultant

2016 - 2018

Gao Feng is a place that you can quickly learn and improve. You will work with senior and experienced consultants everyday to exchange ideas, and help clients solving complex issues, Meanwhile, Gao Feng's thought leadership provides unique perspectives to clients, helping them to see through complexity and to understand the pathway to the future. If you would like to do some meaningful and interesting things, Gao Feng is a good choice.

Alan Chan


2014 - 2018

I joined Gao Feng Advisory Company afteruniversity, and I had an amazing growth experience there. I have always had aninterest in China's ever-evolving rolein the global business world. Gao Feng is one of the few places in the worldthat develops truly world-class thought leadership on China and itsimplications to the world with long-lasting impact. Dr. Tse and his team arehighly talented, energetic, and constantly working in a high gear. Not only itprovided me the right environment to learn, grow and prosper, I also had theperfect exposure to work on a diverse range of intellectually stimulating andcutting-edge CEO agenda with clients from around the globe.

Cordelia Lam



Working at Gao Feng Adivsory was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my professional career so far. I joined Gao Feng as an intern just after university with a keen interest in China, a desire to use my Chinese and English language skills in my work, and a curiosity to understand the Chinese business environment and its interactions with foreign and domestic stakeholders. Gao Feng delivered on all of these objectives and more. From my first day, I began working on a mandate to design the China autonomous vehicle strategy for a Fortune 100 client. The mandate was of such strategic importance that we met frequently with the China CEO and senior leadership, and wielded strategic influence up to international HQ level. Such was the repute of Gao Feng. 

I was endlessly inspired by the energy and talent of the Gao Feng team. Young, hungry and ambitious, we came from different backgrounds and used these to our advantage working on market-leading strategy mandates, entirely unconstrained by scale or sector (the team worked on topics ranging as widely as pharmaceuticals, TCM, consumer retail and autonomous vehicles). I cannot think of a more challenging, exhilarating, front line place to experience China than Gao Feng. 

Robert Zhang

Senior Associate

2014 - 2017

I have joined Gao Feng Advisory right after it was founded in 2014 and before that I have worked for 9 years. I am grateful for being provided with this precious opportunity by Dr.Tse.  As project manager, I have conducted a great deal of consulting projects for SOE, POE and FIE clients in different areas such as auto, manufacturing and consumer goods, etc.  and these projects cover diversified types including corporate strategy, organization optimization, shareholding re-structure, M&A, etc.  At Gao Feng, I have gained opportunities to directly communicate with senior management in global 500 companies. Dr.Tse's thought leadership, entrepreneurship and deep understanding  on consulting make me benefit a lot in my whole career.  Our team is intellectual and top-talented and it is such a unforgettable experience to work at Gao Feng. 

If you are not afraid of challenge,  eager to broaden your horizons, Gao Feng is absolutely the best choice. 

Mandy Lin

Senior Consultant

2019 - 2022

I joined Gao Feng Advisory right out of school, and the past three years have been transformational. I had the pleasure working  alongside with Dr. Tse and his talented team, helping worldwide companies, across many industries, to solve their most pressing issues. This experience allows me to continually develop my ability in critical thinking, making judgement and observing insight to help our clients’ long-term strategy. 

If you are willing to take on challenges and would like to witness China’s development at first hand, Gao Feng is definitely the best place for you.



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