Gao Feng Digital is a team of strategists, human-centered designers, software architects and developers, and entrepreneurs. We jointly build digital businesses together with our clients, leveraging our multi-disciplinary team, tools, processes (and capital, if needed). We take risks and invest together with our clients to set up the new ventures

Traditional companies are facing fierce competition from new digital players.
We assist our clients to tackle these challenges from Insight Collection to Ideation, Prototyping and Commercialization
  • Insight

  • Ideation

  • Prototyping

  • Commercialization

▪ Formulation of a digital strategy that outlines the relevant segments and key players of the market
▪ Research on relevant market segments, customer needs, key players and technologies
▪ Identify problems based on customer-driven insights
▪ Develop first ideas around business model options
▪ Size the prize and determine investment need

▪ Create hypotheses for the new, disruptive business model using visualization and creativity techniques
▪ Contrast inside-out with outside-in perspectives
▪ Develop human-centered end-to-end experience story
▪ Finalize detailed strategy on digital capabilities required to be built

▪ Apply rapid prototyping to develop first instance of digital product / service offering
▪ Leverage capabilities in UI / UX design, software architecture and development
▪ Test and refine offering with internal and external stakeholders
▪ Determine final state for product / service offering

▪ Roll-out solution to market
▪ Finalize governance structure
▪ Bring operations team on board, conduct training and initiate transfer of responsibility
▪ Define operating KPIs and milestones

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