We Believe that a New Model for Strategy Consulting Is Required to Solve the Challenges of Today

We combine senior industry experts with experienced senior consultants to form a winning team with deep sector expertise. Our proven team of thought leaders with global vision and roots in China, pushes the boundaries to create tangible solutions for our clients that have the utmost impact and value

  • Understanding the China Context

    ▪ Critical in formulating a company's strategy in China ▪ Evolving, often discontinuous, but with recognizable patterns

  • For Multinationals (MNCs), Defining China's Role in Their Global Strategies and Devising Appropriate Approaches

    ▪ Game changing, disruptive strategies ▪ Capabilities, organization, key processes and mindset, as well as alignment with HQ ▪ Cross-cultural alignment with Chinese partners or staff ▪ Adaptation of global operating models to suit China-specific needs ▪ China for China or China for the world?

  • For Chinese Companies, Fulfilling the Next Era of Needs and Aspirations

    ▪ Embedding of governance, capabilities, processes and organizational foundation ▪ For SOEs, reform and transformation ▪ For privately-owned companies, growth and new identity/positioning ▪ For both, going overseas, globalization, cross-border M&As


For the Public Sector, Seeking New Definition of the Government's Role

▪ (Re-) positioning and strategies for localities or regions ▪ Defining new collaborative partnerships with the private sector

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