Senior Leadership Team With Extensive Experience in Strategy Consulting and Senior Executive Management

Gao Feng's senior leadership team is deeply rooted in China with experience in hundreds of consulting assignments for multinational and local clients. We combine a pragmatic approach of hands-on management and thought leadership.

  • CEO & Chairman

    Dr. Edward Tse

    ▪ Founder and CEO, Gao Feng Advisory Company

    ▪ A founding Governor of Hong Kong Institution for International Finance 

    ▪ Adjunct Professor, School of Business Administration, Chinese University of Hong Kong

    One of the pioneers in China’s management consulting industry, built and ran the Greater China operations of two leading international management consulting firms (BCG and Booz) for a period of 20 years

    ▪ Consulted to hundreds of companies, investors, start-ups, and public-sector organizations (both headquartered in and outside of China) on all critical aspects of business in China and China for the world

    ▪ Consulted to the Chinese local governments on strategies, state-owned enterprise reform and Chinese companies going overseas, as well as to the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank

    ▪ Author of several hundred articles and four books including both award-winning The China Strategy (2010) and China’s Disruptors (2015) (Chinese version «创业家精神»)

    ▪ Holds a SM and a SB in Civil Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as a PhD and an MBA from University of California, Berkeley

  • Managing Director

    Andrew Lee

    ▪ Over 30 years of industry and management consulting experience in Silicon Valley and China, in Regional General Manager and CEO roles at various multinational and Chinese companies 

    ▪ Expertise in surgical robots, medical devices, biotechnology, semiconductor and process equipment, GPS, optical and laser positioning equipment, machine control, fleet management and asset tracking, laser diodes and TFT-LCD

    ▪ Rich experience in go-to-market strategies and business plan developments, with projects in areas such as surgical robotics, edible vaccine development and artificial cornea manufacturing

  • Managing Director

    Jeff Lin

    ▪ Over 20 years of strategy consultancy, continuously working as corporate strategy consultant for both Chinese and multi-national corporates, including Haier and Cisco. Currently focused on the convergence of high tech and real estate by developing the smart life style applications and smart city for the future

    ▪ President of Smart Republic      

    ▪ Co-founding Vice Chairman of the Smart and Health Home Committee, under China Public Health Information and Healthcare Big Data Institute (an affiliate to National Health Commission), focusing on developing the Chinese national standards for human-centric smart and healthy living

    ▪ Ex-Chairman of the Health and Elderly Care Real Estate Committee and China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce                

    ▪ Ex-Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of Country Garden Holdings (a Fortune 500 Real Estate company)

    ▪ Previously also held leadership positions at Boston Consulting Group, Roland Burger, Dasym Asia Capital and Formation Group  

  • Managing Director

    Paul Pan

    ▪ Over 20 years of industry and management consulting experiences

    ▪ Ex-COO Sales for Google Greater China, responsible for all product sales and digital strategy

    ▪ Rich experience in designing business strategies and developing operating models for both MNCs and local companies, in areas including game-changing strategy, new OMO business model development, new channel strategy and transformation

    ▪ Sector expertise in healthcare, retail, chemicals, oil & gas and manufacturing

  • Managing Director

    Bill Russo

    ▪ Over 35 years of experience, including 15 years as an automotive executive. 16 years of experience in China and Asia

    ▪ Founder and CEO of Automobility Limited, a strategy and investment advisory firm helping its clients to create the future of mobility.  

    ▪ Consultant to numerous multinational and local Chinese firms in the formulation and implementation of their global market and product strategies

    ▪ Chair of the Automotive Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

    ▪ Ex-Regional head of Chrysler in North East Asia

  • Head of Germany

    Dr. Juergen Paulus

    ▪ 25 years of experience in advising companies on strategic business and culture transformation to operate successfully in global markets

    ▪ President of Business Transformation Group in Sao Paulo

    ▪ Leads the Strategy Research project "Global Industry Transformation 2030" for a Brazilian-Chinese-Japanese-Korean Industry Consortium 

  • Principal

    Steven Huang

    ▪ Over 20 years in industry and consulting experience in industrial automation, security and IT

    ▪ Previously held leadership positions in sales, marketing, services, product management and business development

    ▪ Former leader in channel management for Lenovo, China including distributor management and previously worked at Zhengyi (formerly Xinhuaxin) and IDG Group.

    ▪ Served as a director of the Alibaba Group and has participated in operational and marketing work of mobile internet products

    ▪ Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

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