《竞争新边界》Comes Highly Recommended!

release time:2020-10-13

No. 4 on the "New Think Tanks"

After just one week's public release, "The New Frontier of Competition" 《竞争新边界》,co-authored by Gao Feng Advisory's CEO, Dr. Edward Tse and Mr. Yu Huang,  was ranked number four in the "New Think Tanks" most valuable business and economics books standings in China. The first three were all management classics translated from English originals.  Dr. Tse and Mr. Huang's book is the top-ranked among those which were written in Chinese original. 

No. 3 on the "World's Good Books"

The book was also ranked third in Sina's list of "World's Good Books." With the first and second ranked books being general in nature, Dr. Tse and Mr Yu's new book was the top-ranked in the strategy and business category.

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