Celebrate the Ninth Anniversary of Gao Feng Advisory!

release time:2023-04-03

On April 1st, 2014,  Gao Feng Advisory Company started its operation. It’s position is to be a professional strategy and management consulting firm with roots in China and global vision and network. Over the last nine years, the Firm has grown and built a distinguished reputation in the consulting industry as a leading thought leader on cutting edge business and strategy issues, an effective problem solver engaging in symbiotic relationships with clients, and a collegial and learning environment for our teams. On the ninth year anniversary of the Firm,  we'd like to thank all our clients, friends of the firm and all of our staff and alums for the incredible support. We look forward to more collaboration and support from all of you going forward.  

Gao Feng Advisory 

Gao Feng Advisory Company  is a professional strategy and management consulting as well as investment advisory firm with roots in China coupled with global vision, capabilities, and a broad resources network

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